A fresh and clean new home is waiting for you Barrie

Why not extend that thinking to homes?

We did. On every level

Preserving trees + adding green corridors = Beauty outside your window.

Better, tighter construction = Less dust, pollen, moisture and more consistent temps.

High performance heating ventilation system, filters + Low VOC materials = A breath of fresh air.

Better insulation + superior windows = Utility bills down, extra spending money up.

More efficient appliances + low flow everything = Even more savings.

A green home = A better, healthier home for you and your family.

Sean led Mason Homes to be the first ENERGY STAR standard builder in Canada and has twice won BILD’s Green Builder of the Year award.



  • Our communities are close to parks and city amenities so you can play more
  • Our communities have walkable, pedestrian-friendly streets and shared open spaces
  • We preserve the natural landscape and existing wildlife habitats, and supplement with more where we can
  • We use native plants, instead of just lawns, which require less water and need less care
  • We improve land use by designing for better, livable densities, reduced road widths and using low impact development practices
  • Green For Life is our standard because you deserve a sustainable neighbourhood, today and tomorrow


  • Every home is ENERGY STAR-qualified to keep you more comfortable and save you $
  • Our homes use significantly less energy to operate than a typical one and way less than a resale. Over 10 years, that’s a hefty chunk of change
  • We use alternative materials with lower VOC levels whenever we can
  • We select materials with longer lifecycles to create higher quality homes
  • We maximize materials and minimize waste to give you better value and even recycle the leftover parts whenever we can
  • We offer rain barrels to further reduce water needs for extra savings
  • Green is our standard because you deserve a happy, healthy home

Sean builds in a manner that we believe is more environmentally friendly, uses less energy to run the home, with less chemicals and promotes a healthier lifestyle, however, this is not a substitute for an individual’s choices, nor do we claim any future health benefits from our products nor construction methods.