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Why Greenhouse Gases Are Reaching Record Highs – And How We Can Help.

Posted by on in Green Living
While reading the news this week, one particular article really hit home for me – and it really bothered me. This week, I want to talk about greenhouse gas. According to recent research, we’ve hit a record high of carbon dioxide emissions – the highest rate we’ve seen in 30 years. It’s hard to turn a blind eye from this and we can no longer plead ignorance when it comes to global warming. With these facts in mind, the chilling truth is that we are reaching a point of no return. Soon, we will have damaged our planet beyond repair.

The good news is that drastic measures can be taken to reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere to prevent global warming. This, of course would require new international policies. But, there is a lot we can do as citizens – and it starts at home. Here are some ways you can drive change instead of contributing to the steady decline of our environment.

Like I said, it starts at home. I’ve said this many times before and I’ll say it again – the largest contributor to global emissions is our homes. Here, I am talking directly about what we do inside our homes. They require heat, air conditioning, electricity and water. All to suit our comfort needs. There’s no shame in that and I’m not asking you to compromise comfort – because you don’t have to! All you need to do is ensure that your home is as energy-efficient as possible. This includes efficient appliances, better insulated buildings and buying from a builder with building practices that aim to reduce their environmental impact.

Emissions of carbon dioxide can also occur from land use. Any time we use the land to grow, harvest or build, we are interfering with the earth. The home building industry is a big one. The entire process from electricity generation to using building materials results in carbon emissions into our atmosphere. While we can’t prevent this in its entirety, we can lessen the impact. We can do this by land use planning. Making conscious efforts to plan ahead are crucial. This is something my team and I are standing by in this development. In fact, a few weeks ago we tested the site to see if the soil is suitable for our low-impact infrastructure plans. Its steps like these that are going to drive change and I welcome you to be a part of it.

Please stay tuned to my blogs and social media channels for updates on how we can work together to reverse the harmful effects of greenhouse gas. It starts at home.


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