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Smart Power Strips & Why You Should Buy One

Posted by on in Green Living

Here’s a great way to save energy (and cash): invest in a smart power strip. Vampire power is a real thing. Many things that stay plugged in all day – like your TV, computer and toaster oven – keep using energy even when they’re turned off. This vampire – or standby – power means that electricity is being leaked and wasted. Smart power strips prevent this.

Using a control device, smart power strips shut down power to these “energy vampires.” When one that would usually use a slow, steady supply of electricity is in standby mode, the device controls the flow of electricity to prevent leakage. Experts say that standby power consumption can account for up to 5 to 10% of your home’s energy consumption. So the savings are considerable – for both energy use and your bills.


You may already have regular power strips, to extend the number of outlets in your home. Replacing these with smart power strips gives you all the same convenience, with added benefits. Smart power strips are a quick and easy way to help the environment and your wallet.

Like an ENERGY STAR home itself, smart power strips are an investment. Putting the money now into getting a few for your home will immediately set you up for long-term savings.

You may be able to find them for sale at your local Canadian Tire or Home Depot. There are also a variety of models available on Amazon (here, here and here).Some units come with surge protector features and even motion detectors.It’s best to group electronics with similar functions, for example a TV and related accessories, to the same strip. When the TV is not in use, power to the related devices is cut, too.

Smart power strips are great tools. Cut the power-sucking vampires, save energy and cue the savings.

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