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How to Save $500 on Your Hydro Bill

Posted by on in Green Living
Looking for some ways to cut your hydro bill? First thing’s first – turn out the lights. Sounds pretty simple, right? It might make it easier knowing that lighting eats up about a quarter of your monthly hydro tab. You can remind your family to power down by leaving notes around the house. Here’s some more ways you can save – you might be surprised!

Save $45 to $195/year

Hang your clothes out to dry!  Dryers haven’t caught up with our efficiency needs just yet, so they eat up a lot of energy! If you wash eight loads a week and line-dry four, you’ll save $45 a year. Want to save $195 a year? Fill your freezer with jugs of water. Freezers work best when they’re full –tricking the freezer into thinking it is will cut your bill by 5%. You know that second fridge chilling pop? It costs up to $150 annually.

Save up to $114/year

The average household spends around $114 annually for gadgets left plugged in! That’s hydro you’re not even using. Think about things like chargers and anything with a clock – DVD player, computer, cordless phone and coffee maker.  It might be worthwhile to invest in a power timer. The Belkin conserve socket will save energy and money by shutting your gadgets down according to which setting you choose.

Save up to $100 /year

The second biggest culprit to your hydro bill is hot water. If you have an older model electric water tank, you can wrap it in an insulated heater blanket to trim 4-9% of your energy bill. You can also cover exposed water pipes in foam wraps. Other ways to save up to $100 a year are washing your clothes in cold water and cutting your showers to five minutes.

Save $45/year

Did you know that compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL) and light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs use about 75% less energy than incandescent lights? A typical incandescent costs about $5.75 a year to run, a halogen costs about $4.25, a CFL costs about $1.50 and an LED just $1.25. The savings sound small – until you add up all the bulbs around your house!

If you follow these tricks, you’ll save yourself about $500 – not bad for energy you’d practically be wasting anyway! What are some of your energy saving tips? Tweet me – I’d love to hear them.



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